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Frequently asked questions about Marine Electrical Systems

Batteries and charging
What is the best way to arrange my battery banks?
How do I charge two battery banks and still keep them separate?   
Should I hook up batteries in Parallel or keep them in separate banks? 
How big a battery bank do I need?
What is battery equalization all about?
Does anyone out there know where I can find a 'complete' listing of battery dimensions? 
Car and deep cycle battery FAQ by Bill Darden.  (Awesome compilation - everything you ever wanted to know)

Monitoring battery state of charge.
Why is my Amp Hour Meter giving strange readings after its winter break?

What is ignition protection all about? 
What is circuit protection all about?

Circuit Protection
What is circuit protection all about? 
When should I use a fuse and when should I use a circuit breaker? 
What does Interrupt Capacity Mean?

What standards apply to Boat Wiring Installations

Generators and inverters
How to compare the merits of generators versus inverters.  
All about inverters

How do I tell which type of alternator mounting I have?
How do install a high powered marine alternator on my boat?

Alternator Frequently asked Questions - a compilation by Balmar 

Shore Power
Shore power connections
Inspecting your shore power cord
What is a galvanic isolator and why should my shore power system have one?  
What happens when I take my 120 volt US boat to Europe and want to plug in to 240 volts?
Blue Sea Systems Technical Brief - AC Reverse Polarity 
Blue Sea Systems Technical Brief - AC Reverse Polarity False Indicators 
Blue Sea Systems Technical Brief - Current Flow in 120/240 Volt AC Systems  

Blue Sea Systems Technical Brief - Differences in US and European AC Panels   

What is AIS?

Blue Sea Systems Technical Briefs answer lots of questions not mentioned here.

 Everything 12 volt
Please do visit our sister site Everything 12 Volt




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